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Tel: (86) 132 6693 6867
  (852) 2110 0620
Fax: (852) 3011 5284
Email: info@stansteadcollege.net
Add: Rm. 2018 Dominion Center,
  43-59 Queen's Road East,
  Admiralty, Hong Kong

CAD$48,100(Fees cover academic and residential program, textbooks, etc.)

Other fees(in Canadian dollar):
Medical Insurance : CAD$875 
Capital Investment Fee (for new students) : CAD$2,000
Laptop Computer : CAD$940 (students are required to purchase a certain model from school’s supplier)
English as a Second Language (ESL) : Intensive ESL program for students between the ages of 12 and 15 is CAD$2,000 per term (3 terms per school year)
    Support ESL program for students in all grades is CAD$1,500 per term (3 terms per school year)


Fill in Application Form
Take admission test
TOEFL or SLEP test (SLEP test can be taken at China Office of Stanstead Office
SSAT test

Prepare other application materials
Birth certificate copy or household registry (English translation required)
3 completed reference forms
  Personal Reference: to be filled out by someone who knows the applicant from outside the classroom
  Teacher's Reference: to be filled out by applicant’s Mathematics or English Teacher
  Principal’s Reference: to be filled out by applicant’s current school principal or grade level administrator
Copy of transcripts of the past 3 years
Essay (a hand-written letter provide some insight into your interest and some
   indication of what you would like to get out of a boarding school experience.)
2 wallet-size photos
Application fee of $100, click here to download Credit Cad Authorization Form

Send completed application form and application documents to China office of Stanstead College: info@stansteadcollege.net

Telephone Interview

Receive acceptance letter from China Office of Stanstead College.

Go to Canadian Consulate to apply student visa.

Prepare for your trip to Canada. You should inform China office of Stanstead College of your itinerary and arrive on time.



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